7 Great Tips for Customising Your Own Floral Wedding Cake

7 Great Tips for Customising Your Own Floral Wedding Cake

Every wedding is unique, specially designed to commemorate every couple’s special day. You will spend lots of time planning a beautiful wedding. One of the essential parts of a wedding is, of course, the cake. There are many cake designs you can choose from for your wedding. A floral wedding cake is the most popular choice as it makes for an elegant and stunning centrepiece. Whether you are a budding baker or an experienced cake decorator, here are seven tips to take your floral wedding cake to the next level.

1. Choose Your Base

Once you have chosen what cake you are using, it is time to select the type of icing or frosting. This base you choose will set the foundation for your decoration. The two most common icings used are buttercream and fondant. Both will result in stunning cakes but have their respective benefits and drawbacks. 

Buttercream is a sweet and fluffy frosting made from butter and sugar. It is incredibly customisable and allows you to customise the flavour of the frosting itself. Buttercream tends to be more budget-friendly and easier to work with. 

Fondant is a sugar mixture that can be rolled and moulded to coat a cake. Fondant typically gives a smoother finish but can be more challenging for first-timers than a traditional buttercream. It is incredibly versatile and can cover any size or shape. 

2. Pick Your Colours

Before you begin decorating, deciding on a colour palette is crucial to ensure the decorations complement each other. It is best to stick to one primary colour with accent colours for added contrast. One way you can select your colours is to seek inspiration from your wedding venue and decorations. The colours you choose for your cake base should complement the flowers you use.

3. Select Your Flowers

There are many combinations of flowers you can choose from. You should consider the size, shape and colours of the flowers. One way you can start choosing is by finding flowers that complement your wedding bouquet. 

Once selected, you must decide if you intend to use fresh flowers or artificial flowers made from sugar and fondant. Fresh flowers can be stunning but do not last as long as artificial ones. Furthermore, when choosing fresh flowers, ensure they are non-toxic and consist only of edible blooms.

4. Prep Your Tools & Materials

When you start to bake and decorate, it is essential to over-prepare lest you run into any last-minute hiccups. Understand what you will be working with and ensure you have the necessary tools. For instance, if you are using buttercream, it is good to prepare additional frosting or have ingredients to make more should it not look the way you had envisioned. When preparing a cake of such magnitude, it is vital to prepare and anticipate issues ahead of time.

5. Get Creative With Placement

This is where the fun of cake decorating comes in. Once you know what flowers you want on your cake, you can start brainstorming how to place them on it. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is recommended that you sketch your design first instead of winging it. Some popular designs are cascading ombres, where the flowers are arranged in a gradient around the layers of the cake; or simply arranged on the top of each layer. 

6. Add Other Details

Once you have added your floral elements, you can add the finishing touches to bring the elements together. Depending on your design, you may add piped borders or lace patterns. Tiny pearls or dragées can also be added to create a more visually exciting design. If you like sparkles, you may even add a touch of edible glitter to make it shine. 

7. Light It Up

Your wedding is your day to shine, and what better way to shine than by adding lights to your cake? Adding lights to your cake will make it a showstopper. You can add fairy lights around the layers of the cake to compliment the delicate floral design. If you prefer not to have lights on the cake, you can prepare fairy lights or even candles to create a romantic ambience. 


A floral wedding cake is always a great choice to add elegance to any wedding. From choosing the suitable base layer and colours to picking out flowers and the different ways to style a floral wedding cake, there is certainly no shortage of things that need to be done for everything to come together ideally. 

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