3 Different Styles of Decorating Floral Wedding Cakes

3 Different Styles of Decorating Floral Wedding Cakes

 When planning all of your various wedding decorations, your wedding cake is something you should not forget! A fantastic wedding cake can essentially be the frosting on top of your wonderful wedding celebration. Many different styles of cakes have become famous and in demand over the past couple of years. However, almost all of them share one similarity: flowers!

Floral wedding cakes are cakes filled with floral decorations, usually real ones. Floral wedding cakes in Singapore have become so popular that it's hard to imagine a wedding without one. If you're planning to choose a floral wedding cake for your special day, this article is right for you! Here are three common but creative styles of floral wedding cakes that you can go for.

1. Traditional Cakes

If you're a bride (or groom) who's into traditions, your floral wedding cake will likely come in several tiers, columns, and plenty of white frosting details. With a multi-tiered cake, there are many spots to place flowers on since they'll rest beautifully on the edge of the tier without the need to attach them firmly to the cake.

Roses seem to be the most popular flower choice for traditional floral wedding cakes. This comes as no surprise since roses are considered to symbolise love and romance. If you want an all-white wedding, you can try incorporating a bit of greenery around your white roses, so your cake has a pop of colour amidst the sea of white.

2. Naked Cakes

Naked floral wedding cakes have risen in popularity over the past couple of years because of their earthy and rustic vibe. If you're not a fan of the traditional floral wedding cakes often immersed in white frosting, you should consider going for the naked cake style instead. Naked cakes still come with frosting, but it's just swept away from the sides for some of the cake to show through.

This style provides the cake with a kind of wood-like, outdoorsy feel. Many various types of flowers would wonderfully complement a naked cake. The most popular options are dahlias, chrysanthemums, posies, peonies, and ranunculus. Warm colours are usually preferred with naked cakes since they complement the cake's revealed brown hues.

3. Boho Cakes

If you're into a more bohemian style, the good news is that you can still decorate your wedding cake with a style that incorporates your requested boho aesthetic. Plenty of flowers are ideal for the bohemian style, such as amaryllis, daisies, lilac, eucalyptus, zinnias, orchids, and mini wildflowers. These flowers come in various sizes and shades, perfect for the boho look you're aiming for. 

If you wish to make your wedding cake look even more unique, you can try decorating it with some succulents or berries. It's also recommended to complement your chosen flowers with the frosting of your boho cake. An ombre effect can look stunning when it comes to a boho-styled wedding cake with fresh flowers.


If you want your wedding to be more romantic, aesthetic, and memorable, opting for a floral wedding cake with the style of your choice is undoubtedly the way to go! It's a good idea to combine wedding cakes with fresh flowers. After all, these are two essential elements that shouldn't go missing during a wedding celebration.

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