Collection: Customised Cakes


Celebrate with some of the best and most affordable yet quality cakes and dessert supplies in Singapore from Yours Sincerely Bakery!

Are you searching for a custom made cake for a special occasion? Search no more! Yours Sincerely Bakery is among Singapore’s cake experts creating some of the best customised cakes in Singapore.

At Yours Sincerely, we believe in putting a personal touch in our service, ensuring that every customised cake we create is made fresh and to the requirements of every customer. We create all sorts of uniquely designed cakes for various special occasions, such as customised birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and gourmet cakes. From single- tiered to multi-tiered cakes, our custom made cakes comes in different sizes, carefully crafted to your specific requirements.

Finding an affordable customised cake in Singapore can sometimes be tough, especially with many options out there. We want to make your search easy for you. Besides listing our customised cakes options into the above themes, we want to recommend some of our favourites.

Customised Birthday Cakes For Children

Lion King Cake, Two-tier Bunny Cake, Drinkable Bubble Tea Cake Besides creating cute and one-of-a-kind custom made birthday cakes, we also create cakes that adults can enjoy. Thinking to get for your dad or mum on their special days such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day? We have many options that they will enjoy.

Custom Made Cakes For Dad

Real Beer or Soju cake, Liverpool (or their favourite football club) Money Pulling Cake, Sushi Boat Cake

Custom Made Cakes For Mum

Dior Bag Cake, Money Pulling Cake, Crystal Geode Cake Our cakes are suitable for all sorts of occasions, from birthdays to engagement parties. Our cakes are made with less sugar, making our cakes less sweet than regular customised cakes. This means that our cakes can be enjoyed safely and deliciously by everybody of all ages, from kids to the elderly.

Place an order for some of the best and affordable, one-of-a-kind customised cake with us today! We prepare every cake fresh. Once done, you may have it delivered to your gate or just drop by to collect it from us. All of our cakes take approximately an advance of 3 to 5 business days to bake. Looking for a cake urgently? Contact us here at +65 8851 8517 for assistance.