The Difference Between Butter Cream and Fresh Cream Cakes

The Difference Between Butter Cream and Fresh Cream Cakes

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Everyone loves digging into a freshly baked cake topped with generous helpings of cream. Cream, with its bright and creative applications, not only adds aesthetic appeal but also a burst of deliciousness, making it the ultimate centrepiece for any celebration.

Here’s where things get interesting: at first glance, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between fresh cream and buttercream. Surprisingly enough, these two creamy companions only share a similar appearance but not much else. Below, let’s dive into some key differences between those two.

1. Taste

Thanks to their unique ingredients and preparation techniques, fresh cream and buttercream offer distinct tastes, each with its own delicious charm. 

Fresh cream has a milky, light taste that is not too sweet. This allows for fresh cream to

comfortably accommodate added flavouring without overwhelming any taste buds.

In contrast, buttercream tastes buttery and rich, and is often sweeter due to the added sugar. This sweetness can be customised to suit individual preferences, especially in custom-made cake orders for the health-conscious.

2. Texture 

Fresh cream and buttercream differ greatly in texture, making them versatile for various cake applications.

Fresh cream boasts a light, well-aerated, and fluffy texture achieved through whipping. This quality makes fresh cream an excellent choice for cake fillings and toppings. Its airy texture lends itself well to cakes aiming for a lighter, more “fresh” taste rather than a heavy one.

Buttercream has a comparatively heavy and thick texture, which allows for easier spreading. As a result, it is often used to create a uniform, solid look when frosting cakes, and can be used for decorations due to the texture of buttercream being able to

hold shape much better than fresh cream.

3. Storage Requirements 

As fresh cream is made by whipping its liquid form, it loses texture easily when not consumed as soon as possible. Refrigerating a fresh cream cake can help it retain its look longer, but it is often recommended to serve a cream cake shortly after purchase.

Buttercream, on the other hand, holds its shape well and is quite resistant to melting. As a result, it is suitable for storage and consumption over a longer period of time, especially if it’s a larger cake that can’t be devoured in one go. 


Having covered some key differences between fresh cream and buttercream, it can be said that these two creams have their unique appeals that suit various cakes and desserts to bring out the best in every bite! 

Knowing the difference between fresh cream and buttercream can help you make the best choices when ordering a customised birthday cake. If you’re still unsure about which one to choose, a consultation with the experts from Yours Sincerely Bakery can help! 

This Eunos cake shop boasts an impressive wealth of experience in leveraging both types of cream to perfection. With numerous iconic custom cake creations under our belt, we have the expertise to elevate your cake experience to a whole new level. Browse our designs today to find your perfect cake!

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