The 3 Most Novel Birthday Cakes You Will Ever Find

The 3 Most Novel Birthday Cakes You Will Ever Find

Cake has become a mainstay on most special occasions – particularly birthdays. And for good reason! They're fun, delicious, and made to be shared. Cakes appear in various styles, dimensions, and colours in today's society. They may be simple in nature or as extravagant as the occasion calls for. Whatever the celebration, there is always a customised birthday cake to fit the bill.

The popularity of this sweet treat also means that we're constantly surrounded by cake. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that if you want your birthday cake to stand out, you'll have to pull out all the stops. 

This article lists all the most innovative, unique, and interesting cakes you'll find. So, if you’re looking for your kid’s birthday cake in Singapore or whether it’s worth it  to get an affordable customised cake, keep reading.

if you’re looking for your kid’s birthday cake

1. Pinata cakes 

The pinata cake is among the most exciting styles in cake decorating today. Pinata cakes typically feature vibrant decorations, like miniature toys or candy, and a surprise inside. They are often utilised to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and other important events. Your celebration or get-together will undoubtedly be brightened with this delightful addition.

The custom has its origins in Mexico. According to what we know, the first pinata cake was seen at a wedding ceremony in the early 20th century. The newly married couple's reported surprise opening of the pinata to show the hidden rewards, in turn, surprised the guests at the wedding.

Over time, the appeal has only grown exponentially. They are no longer only used at nuptials and birthday parties. These days, pinata cakes are served at baby showers, graduations, and other special occasions.

2. Beverage cakes 

We all know that person who always has a beverage in hand, whether that's a drink from Starbucks or some new type of bubble tea. Their drink orders are often highly customised and perfect for their tastes. 

What better way to commemorate their birthday than to get them what they adore in cake form, along with a real bubble tea or chosen beverage they can sip inside the cake? It can be a light-hearted jab at our friend's affection for their preferred drink, making it even more special.

3. Money pulling cake

Even though it's still fairly new, the money pulling cake (also known as the money roll cake) is rapidly taking over birthday celebrations, weddings, graduations, and other events. With this cake, you can swiftly remove money from the seemingly ordinary from it, delighting everyone present. It's also an excellent opportunity to surprise your guests with a little extra money to uplift everyone's spirits. 

The Chinese practice of "pulling money" served as the inspiration for the cake's moniker. According to this custom, guests at weddings or other important events would present gifts of money enclosed in crimson envelopes. Different sums of money would be put inside each envelope, depending on the connection between the gift-giver and the recipient. 

Although the tradition dates back a long time, the notion of giving these gifts inside a cake is comparatively new. It is thought to have begun here in Singapore, where some bakers began hiding cash pockets inside of cakes. When visitors tugged on it, the cash would emerge from the cake. These cakes gained popularity rapidly, and soon bakers from all over were making them.


A birthday cake can be a fun way to surprise a loved one or express your personality. While most cakes usually taste great, you may be the kind of person who's looking for one that will leave a more lasting impression. Why not try one of the many cakes from Yours Sincerely Bakery? We carry all the unique desserts featured above and many more. Our cakes are baked with incredible skill, creativity, and enough flavour to last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more!

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