Money Pulling Cakes – Cakes with a Fun & Delicious Surprise

Money Pulling Cakes – Cakes with a Fun & Delicious Surprise

Though we grow older every year, birthdays are something that never seems to grow old, just like us. It is a day we celebrate to appreciate our loved ones and make them feel special. Some birthdays can be a simple affair, such as loved ones in a cosy living room, singing the birthday song before making a wish, blowing out the candles and getting a present. 

What if you can make your birthday even more unique, regardless of where you do it, with an affordable customised cake in Singapore? More than just getting a delicious cake (a non-negotiable factor if you ask us), what if you can have a unique cake that can be the celebration's highlight? 

What Is a Money Pulling Cake?

Picture this, a present inside a cake! A strip of money that never seems to end as you tug them from inside the cake itself. This is when you realise that the cake is no gift wrapper but something you can consume and enjoy after taking the cash out. That sounds like a deal to us! How is a money pulling cake different from a regular cake?  

A Cake That Acts as a Gift

The money pulling cake doubles as a gift as it is more than just a simple cake. Some may view gifting cash as rude or insincere, even though cash may be the most practical gift one can receive, as what we choose to do with it is up to our preference. Regardless, to overcome the struggle of having to give money as a present, this money pulling cake comes as the perfect solution. It's joyous and fun to pull the notes out of the cake with everyone cheering you on. This becomes an exciting, memorable and tasteful option in the cake market. 

A Special Experience 

What's unique about the money pulling cake is the surprise factor that no one expects. It has a perfect (and delicious) cover-up, as a cake is a must-have for your children’s birthday, or any other occasion. Therefore, it is truly a surprise when notes pour out of their favourite cake.

Another advantage of this cake is that the money takes up space. More often than not, many struggles to finish up the cake during their birthdays. If you are celebrating for someone or with people that tend not to eat desserts as much, you should consider this money pulling cake! This gift is sure to put a smile on the face of your loved one, as it is a special and unique gift that one would not expect. As people who celebrate wealth and success, we felt it was just the right humour to add that notion to our cakes. Still, we have to say that it is an experience for the audience and the person who is celebrating their birthday.


No doubt, a little tongue in cheek, but the money pulling cake is the best kind of surprise anyone can get. A celebration of the person, a surprise and a fun little activity. Whether it is someone who works hard at their job to be successful, a reason to send someone an overdue red envelope, a money pulling cake fits all such occasions and more. Get your cake delivered with our online cake delivery in Singapore to maximise convenience today!

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