3 Unique Cakes That You Should Get For Your Next Celebration

3 Unique Cakes That You Should Get For Your Next Celebration

The cake is one of the best parts of any party and is often the centrepiece everyone wants a picture with. With many unique children’s birthday cakes designs available, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to this tasty treat. There are endless possibilities and creative ideas for the perfect children’s birthday cake, whether for birthday parties or simple celebrations. Here are some unique cake designs you should get for your next celebration.

Piñata cakes | A cake with an in-built activity

Piñata cakes are, as the name implies, a cake that acts like piñata. A piñata is a decorated, filled vessel which can come in any shape and size. Traditional piñatas aren’t edible and are typically hung to be hit till it breaks, causing the candies inside to fall. A piñata cake is filled with candies, photographs and even small gifts. These cakes are perfect for kids and can be designed to look like your child’s favourite cartoon characters. Piñata cakes are not only for children but also for the young at heart. You can order piñata cakes for other celebrations, such as gender reveal or engagement parties!

Bubble tea cakes | A drinkable treat

Bubble tea is one of Singapore’s favourite drinks. What better way to celebrate a bubble tea lover’s birthday than a bubble tea cake? Bubble tea cakes are shaped like bubble tea drinks with a container inside to fill with real bubble tea. Most bubble tea drinkers often have their own preferences and combination of drink, toppings and sugar levels– ensure that you know what flavours they like. You can take this cake to the next level by choosing cake flavours that complement the flavour of the bubble tea inside the cake. This will truly be the highlight of any party as this is not only a delightful treat but Instagram-worthy as well.

Money-pulling cake | A cake with a gift

One of the trending cake designs that are worthy of videos and gifs is, hands down, the money-pulling cake. Inspired by the Chinese tradition of “pulling money”, money-pulling cakes are cakes with a long strip of cash inside them. The main recipient of the cake would take the end of this strip and “pull” money out of this cake. This is also a unique and fun way to give money as a present compared to the typical red packet– not to mention it is an exciting activity to participate in and witness!


These three cakes are some of the most exciting cakes you can get for all occasions. The cakes here are also highly customisable to have different personalised designs and cake flavours. Here at Yours Sincerely Bakery, we are committed to bringing you affordable customised cakes in Singapore. We offer piñata cakes, bubble tea cakes, money-pulling cakes and more. Check out our website for more information on our customised cakes.

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