Bubble Tea Cakes – You Definitely Have Not Tried This Before

Bubble Tea Cakes – You Definitely Have Not Tried This Before

We’ve all had our experience with regular cakes – chocolate, fruit, and cheesecakes. Maybe we do come across a two-tiered cake once in a while at a wedding or a 21st birthday party. But how many of you have come across an affordable customised cake in Singapore that is an actual drinkable cake?

Drinkable cakes weren’t available in Singapore for the longest time, but it’s something we’ve now come to be known by. Our customers always ask us how we come up with something novel and exciting. Simple, we just thought about how we can make our cakes different for our customers – something we’d also want for our birthdays with our loved ones. To put it differently, we want to do something unique and see our customer’s eyes light up when they realise how special our cakes are. 

So, for all those that haven’t experienced or bought our cakes yet, what are some things you can expect when you buy our cakes for the next birthday celebration you have in mind?

Love of Bubble Tea

We always have that friend that comes to mind when we think about their love for bubble tea. They have their personalised order for almost every bubble tea shop and can’t do without their daily dose of bubble tea.

What better way to celebrate their birthday than getting them the very thing they love in cake form – plus a proper bubble tea they can drink within the cake! It can be a little dig at our friend’s love for their favourite drink during their birthday, making it all the more memorable.

Pushing Tasty Boundaries

It was never in our intentions to do what other people were doing. We always want to push the boundaries, create new cakes and do something different for the customers we love and cherish. We believe there are so many more things we can do with our cakes – and we’ll hone our skills to make those concepts a reality.

A Unique Experience

Everyone expects a cake, but hardly anyone will expect a line of cash pouring out of their cake! If you’re looking towards other unique types of cakes, check out our money pulling cakes. More than just going through with an act to celebrate their birthday, we want it to be an unforgettable experience for our loved ones, and our cakes are a must-have in your party checklist!

What better way to see them enjoy themselves and have a bright smile on their face, right? You’ll see your friends and loved ones smiling from ear to ear as they realise that their cake doubles as an interactive gift too!


Nothing makes our day more than seeing someone enjoy their birthday and celebrate it uniquely. Hearing about how our customers have different and memorable birthdays becomes one of the greatest compliments we can receive as bakers and cake makers.

We hope your friends and family will have an unforgettable birthday, with the cake part of it. Need to get the cakes on a tight schedule? Fret not, as we have online cake delivery in Singapore that will ensure a smooth and fantastic celebration for you and your loved ones!

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